COOL 2019

DONSON AP781863-01 Plastic wireless mobile charger with 2 USB ports. Max output 2100 mA. Size:  90×90×7 mm Printing:  P2 (4C, 50×50 mm), UV (FC, 90×90 mm) MANDUX AP721033-01 Wireless mobile charger in plastic housing with 3 USB ports. Max output: 3100 mA. Including micro USB charger cable. Size:  ø95×38 mm Printing:  P2 (2C, 30×10 mm), UV (FC, ø30 mm), VS (FC, ø30 mm) LERSEN AP781869-01 Wireless mobile charger with holder function, max output 1000 mA. Size:  105×104×90 mm Printing:  P2 (2C, ø50 mm) NEBLIN AP781862 Wireless mobile charger with plastic housing. Size:  ø98×11 mm Printing:  P2 (4C, ø40 mm), UV (FC, ø50 mm) -05 -06 -10 -77 Wireless chargers 40 TECHNOLOGY & MOBILE - CHARGERS