COOL 2019

GENTLEMAN AP873200 Elegant, PU leather wallet with metal keyring and ballpoint pen in gift box. With blue refill. Size:  200×140×30 mm Printing:  S1 (2C, 160×60 mm), E2 (40×40 mm), O2 (40×40 mm) SULLIVAN AP800662 PU leather card holder with one credit card slot and metal money clip. Size:  67×100×8 mm Printing:  E1 (40×10 mm), O1 (40×10 mm) RUPUK AP781921 Wallet with 4 card slots and RFID protection, polyester. Size:  110×86×13 mm Printing:  T0 (8C, 70×40 mm) MERCUR AP800106 Chrome plated money clip in black gift box. Size:  20×52×4 mm Printing:  E1 (40×10 mm), RE1 (35×15 mm) -05 -06 -10 -77 260 BAGS & TRAVEL - WALLETS