ShapeCam AP718377 Plastic anti spy webcam blocker with custom shaped, full colour printed overlay (maximum size: 50×25 mm). With sliding cover and adhesive back. With digital printed paper card. Price includes digital and UV LED printing. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: 54×71 mm Printing: FP-UV(FC), FP-DG(FC) CREATE YOUR DESIGN DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM SHAPE Maximum size: 50×25 mm DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE DISCOVER THE PACKAGING OPTIONS CHOOSE THE PRINTING TECHNOLOGY Custom webcam blocker: UV LED printing (free) Paper insert - front side: digital printing (free) Paper insert - back side: digital printing CreaSleeve Kraft 330 CreaSleeve 330 ShapeCam ShapeCam YOUR LOGO YOUR SHAPE 17 SHAPECAM