Ledify AP718195 Custom made acrylic trophy with multicolour LED light base. In unique shape with engraved graphics. With 3 AA batteries. Price includes engraving. MOQ: 25 pcs. Size: 140×210 mm Printing: FP-E, P3(2) DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE CREATE YOUR DESIGN CHOOSE A STANDARD OR CUSTOM SHAPE -A 140×210 mm pentagon (-A) Trophy: engraving (free) light bulb (-B) Stand - top or front side: pad printing For standard shapes (-A, -B) custom shape (-E) -B 140×210 mm -E max. 140×210 mm Ledify A Ledify B CreaBox EF-146 DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM SHAPE For a unique look (-E) Maximum size: 140×210 mm CHOOSE THE PRINTING TECHNOLOGY DISCOVER THE PACKAGING OPTIONS Ledify 50 LEDIFY