UV LED PRINTING SUBLIMATION PRINTING Pad printing is the most popular, traditional ink-based labelling method. This technology uses a silicone pad to transfer ink onto an item with fine details and high accuracy, applicable to a wide range of materials. Pad printing allows labelling curved surfaces. Digital transfer printing is a modern, full-colour alternative to traditional transfer printing. The design is printed in photo quality onto transfer paper with a special digital printer, then applied to the product with a heat press. Our digital transfer technology carries no limitation in size or shape of imprints. UV LED printing is a full-colour, digital labelling process utilising UV-cured inks. Logos are directly printed on the product's surface in high-resolution, resulting in instant photo quality imprints. Screen printing is a traditional ink-based labelling process, for flat or flattenable products, with high durability and colour accuracy. During the screen printing process ink is directly pressed on the product's surface through a gauze, then fixed with heat treatment. Sublimation printing is a fullcolour, digital labelling technique with photo quality. Designs are printed with special ink on a transfer paper, then heat-pressed onto the product's surface. Sublimation is only applicable to light coloured polyester and sublimation coated products. Transfer printing is based on traditional screen printing, however, instead of being directly screen printed onto an item, the design is printed onto transfer paper, then applied with a heat press. Transfer printing is applicable to a wide range of products and holds several advantages over screen printing. FREE PRINTING Price includes printing with indicated technology. Excluding setup charge. EPOXY DOMING DIGITAL PRINTING Epoxy doming is a unique printing technology, using fullcolour printed stickers covered with 2 component resin. As a result, the treated sticker will have a 3-dimensional look. Epoxy domed logos can be produced in custom shapes and are resistant to UV rays. Digital printing is used to imprint paper products and paper inserts in photo quality. Paper inserts can be produced in various sizes and shapes. ENGRAVING Engraving utilises lasers to mark a product's surface. The surface of the product practically burns in the process to develop the logo. Even small logos can be printed very accurately. Engraving is applicable to metal, wooden, glass and certain plastic products. VINYL STICKER VISION FILM PRINTING Vinyl stickers are digitally printed full-colour, self-adhesive stickers applicable to various, otherwise hard to print, products. Vinyl sticker logos can be produced in various sizes and shapes. Vision Film printing is a special printing technique for labelling sunglasses lenses. During the labelling process, a digitally printed and perforated film is applied enabling a high degree of customisation. PAD PRINTING P SU DG T E VS DT DO FP S UV VF SCREEN PRINTING TRANSFER PRINTING DIGITAL TRANSFER PRINTING TECHNOLOGIES 179