COOL 2022

Conrad AP722125-01T RPET plastic highlighter with cap. With yellow ink. Size: 26×118×14 mm Printing: P1(4) Zoldak AP741891 Wooden highlighter pencil with painted body, sharpened. Size: ø7×173 mm Printing: P0(4), E0 Calippo AP6156 Plastic highlighter pen with cap and rubber grip. With matching colour highlighter refill. Size: ø13×143 mm Printing: P0(4) Rankap AP741885 Capsule shaped plastic highlighter in translucent housing. Size: 23×60×14 mm Printing: P1(2) Hindal AP721454 Flower shaped highlighter with 5 colours. Size: ø98×18 mm Printing: P1(4), UVB(FC) -02 -03 -06 -07 -25 -02 -03 -06 -02 -03 -07 -25 WRITING MULTICOLOUR-HIGHLIGHTERS 103