COOL 2022

Leggera AP810436 Metal ballpoint pen with carbon patterned barrel, in black paper sleeve. With blue refill. Size: ø11×140 mm Printing: E1, P1(4) Triumph AP809483 Aluminium ballpoint pen with blue refill. In black gift box. Size: ø11×144 mm Printing: E1, P2(4) Kasparov AP805981-10 Metal ballpoint pen with chequered aluminium barrel, with blue refill. In aluminium tube case. Size: ø25×150 mm Printing: E1, P2(1) Isac AP805964-10 Aluminium ballpoint pen with shiny chrome parts and lacquer barrel. Delivered in matching colour tin box, with blue refill. Size: 177×37×18 mm Printing: E1, P2(4) -21 -80 WRITING PEN SETS 122