COOL 2022

Duonote AP810440 PU leather covered notebook in two-tone design, with matching colour rubber band and bookmark. 80 blank sheets, A5 size. Size: 140×210 mm Printing: P1(4), S1(2), UVB(FC) Kolly AP810377 Paper covered notebook with 80 blank sheets, bookmark and rubber strap with matching colour side. Size: 91×143×14 mm Printing: P1(4), S1(2), UVB(FC) Marden AP741971 Note set with PU leather covered notebook with 100 blank sheets and matching colour plastic ballpoint pen with blue refill. In white gift box. Size: 240×197×22 mm Printing: P1(4), S1(2), UVB(FC) Kefron AP721130 PU leather covered notebook with 100 lined sheets, coloured bookmark and rubber strap. With special coating for engraving, the engraved logo is matching the bookmark and strap colour. Size: 140×210×15 mm Printing: E2 -03 -05 -06 -03 -05 -06 -21 -71 -02 -05 -06 -07 -10 -02 -05 -06 -10 -07 OFFICE AND BUSINESS NOTEBOOKS 135