COOL 2022

Laska AP741844 Recycled paper spiral notepad with different sized adhesive notes (5x25 small and 3x25 large). Size: 83×76×22 mm Printing: P1(4) Feros AP722172 Bamboo covered, spiral notepad with 75 large (in 3 different colours) and 125 small adhesive notes (in 5 different colours). Size: 73×87×25 mm Printing: E1, P1(2) Highschool AP809320 Sticky notes and page markers in black, PU leather holder with calendar on the top of the box. Size: 130×105×25 mm Printing: S1(1), UVC(FC), P2(4), DG1(FC) Kokil AP722171 Bamboo covered adhesive notepad with 115 large, 115 medium and 420 mini adhesive notes (in 3 different colours). Size: 120×106×20 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) OFFICE AND BUSINESS NOTEPADS 153