COOL 2022

Zinko AP731612 100 adhesive notes in 5 different colours. Size: 82×60×3 mm Printing: P1(4) Tinsal AP722051-01 Seed paper covered adhesive notepad with 20 large and 40 small notes (in 2 colours). The seed paper cover contains petunia seeds in assorted colours, which can be planted by separating the cover from the notepad. Delivered in kraft paper sleeve. Size: 82×60×3 mm Printing: P1(4), OP(FC) Covet AP731613 Adhesive notepad with 25 big and 125 small notes (in 5 different colours). Size: 83×86×5 mm Printing: P1(4) -01 -10 -00 -00 -01 -10 156 OFFICE AND BUSINESS NOTEPADS