COOL 2022

Ecological AP731273 Document folder made of recycled paper. Size: 250×340×31 mm Printing: S1(3), OP(FC) Haborg AP781742 Recycled paper document folder. Size: 235×310 mm Printing: P1(2), S1(3), OP(FC) Bloguer AP781741 Recycled paper document folder with 20 blank sheets notepad and ballpoint pen. With blue refill. Size: 230×320×15 mm Printing: P1(2), S1(3), OP(FC) Alpin AP731721 PP document folder with rubber strap. Size: 238×315×17 mm Printing: S1(3) Docky AP716476-10 Custom made, PP plastic document folder with rubber strap closure. Price includes full colour printing. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: 220×310×10 mm Printing: FP-UV(FC) -05 -06 -10 OFFICE AND BUSINESS DOCUMENT FOLDERS 157