COOL 2022

Clasor AP791339 PVC clipboard with cover. Size: 230×315×5 mm Printing: S1(2) Damany AP781743 Recycled paper document folder with press-stud. Size: 326×245×20 mm Printing: P1(2), S1(3) Clipsy A4 AP718040 Custom made, A4 sized clipboard with custom graphics on both sides. MOQ: 300 pcs. Size: 220×315 mm Printing: FP-DG(FC) Alice AP791356 Document folder with plastic cover and press-stud. Size: 330×240 mm Printing: S1(2) Aloopy AP718904 Custom made, A4 sized clipboard in brushed aluminium composite with custom graphic on front side. MOQ: 25 pcs. Size: 230×315 mm Printing: FP-UV(FC) Azure AP718553 Custom made, zipped document folder in polyester. With all over sublimation printed graphics. A4 size. MOQ: 50 pcs. Size: 335×245×5 mm Printing: FP-SU(FC) -01 -05 -06 -10 -01 -05 -06 -10 -10 -01 OFFICE AND BUSINESS CLIPBOARDS 159