COOL 2022

SUBYARD A Subyard A lanyards are available in 10 variations. Available in 15 and 20 mm width. With or without safety buckle. With polyester or RPET ribbon. With plastic or wheat straw parts. Custom made, polyester lanyard with metal carabiner. With sublimation printed graphics on both sides. AP718034 - Subyard A 20 mm, AP718349 - Subyard 15 A 15 mm, AP718955 - Subyard A RPET 20 mm, AP718957 - Subyard 15 A RPET 15 mm, AP718956 - Subyard A Safe RPET 20 mm, AP718958 - Subyard 15 A Safe RPET 15 mm, AP718514 - Subyard A Safe ECO 20 mm, AP718515 - Subyard 15 A Safe ECO 15 mm, AP718142 - Subyard A Safe 20 mm, AP718350 - Subyard 15 A Safe 15 mm, polyester polyester polyester, plastic polyester, plastic RPET polyester RPET polyester RPET polyester, plastic RPET polyester, plastic RPET polyester, wheat straw plastic RPET polyester, wheat straw plastic OFFICE AND BUSINESS SUBYARD 172