COOL 2022

Sleya AP722100 Bamboo multifunctional desk lamp with 25 LEDs, adjustable brightness and 1/2 hours timer. With built-in wireless fast charger (10W) and USB charger port for charging 2 devices simultaneously (1 wirelessly and 1 via cable). Including USB charger cable. Size: 250×385×110 mm Printing: E3, P3(2) Strey AP721932-01 UV-C sterilizing box with bamboo covered wireless charger (5W). Ideal for sterilizing smartphones, keys or glasses. Sterilization time with auto-off function of 5 and 10 minutes. Including USB charger cable. Size: 205×45×125 mm Printing: E3, P3(4) Lerex AP721373-01 Plastic multifunctional desk lamp with 14 LEDs and 3 light modes. With built-in wireless charger (5W) and bluetooth speaker. Including USB charger cable. Size: ø120×320 mm Printing: P3(1) Vartol AP721933 Bamboo desk mobile holder with built-in wireless charger (5W). Including USB charger cable. Size: 125×16×80 mm Printing: E3, P3(4) TECHNOLOGY AND MOBILE WIRELESS CHARGING 21