COOL 2022

Hikiki AP897068-21 Foldable, metal USB flash drive with 4/8/16 GB memory and keyring. Size: 66×23×7 mm Printing: E1, P2(2) Keygo AP897078 Key shaped, metal USB flash drive. Capacity 4/8/16 GB. Size: 48×21×2 mm Printing: E1, P2(2) Wrench AP897054-21 Metal USB flash drive with 4/8/16 GB memory and carabiner. Size: 49×15×5 mm Printing: E1, P2(2) -10 -21 Kornon 16GB AP722117 Wooden ballpoint pen with 16 GB USB flash drive. In kraft paper box. USB 2.0. Size: ø18×145 mm Printing: E1, P2(2) Haidam 16GB AP781516 Bamboo, twist USB flash drive with 16 GB memory. In recycled paper box. Size: 18×64×12 mm Printing: E1, P2(2) Kibal AP741733-01 Plastic box with transparent film for keyring or USB flash drive. Delivered without decoration. Size: 90×90×20 mm Printing: P1(2) Kiping AP741221 Polyester pouch with string closure. Size: 95×100 mm Printing: T0(8), DTA(FC) Shilay AP741610 Zipped, PU leather covered multipurpose case. Delivered without decoration. Size: ø70×37 mm Printing: P1(1) -01 -02 -03 -05 -06 -07 -10 -25 -01 -02 -05 -06 -07 -10 -21 -25 All USB drives are constantly available from stock in displayed memory capacity. Please contact us for availability of other capacity (4/8/16/32 GB) options. TECHNOLOGY AND MOBILE USB DRIVES 51