COOL 2022

Vaniat AP741396 Coloured polyester mousepad with anti-slip back. Size: 220×180 mm Printing: S2(1), T1(8), DTB(FC), *:SU1(FC) Suborond AP718175 Round shaped, polyester mouse pad for sublimation printing with silicone anti-slip base. Price includes sublimation printing. MOQ: 50 pcs. Size: ø200 mm Printing: FP-SU(FC) Walin AP721957-01 Antibacterial mousepad in polyester with silicone anti-slip base. ISO 20743 compliant. Size: 220×180 mm Printing: S1(1) Topick AP722116 Natural cork, round shaped mouse pad with silicone base. Size: ø200 mm Printing: E2, S1(1) Gong AP731357 PU leather mouse pad with wrist rest. Size: 183×225×11 mm Printing: T1(8), DTB(FC), S1(1) -01* -02 -03 -05 -06 -07 -10 -25 -05 -06 -10 TECHNOLOGY AND MOBILE COMPUTER MOUSE 57