COOL 2022

Molarm AP810467 Multifunctional alarm clock in bamboo housing with LED display, thermometer and built-in wireless charger (5W). Including USB charger cable. Size: 160×75×40 mm Printing: E3, P3(2) California AP804835 Digital clock and weather station with colour display. Functions: alarm clock, thermometer, humidity display and 12 hour temperature trend memory. Operates with 2 AAA batteries, without batteries. Size: 141×80×39 mm Printing: P3(4), UVD(FC) Dolbix AP721369-01 Digital alarm clock with calendar and thermometer functions. With 3 light modes and built-in wireless charger (5W). Material: ABS and MDF. Including USB charger cable and button cell batteries. Size: 160×29×75 mm Printing: P3(2) TECHNOLOGY AND MOBILE 59 CLOCKS