COOL 2022

Yeidy AP722120-00 Recycled paper long lasting inkless pen with cap. With metal alloy tip, which oxidizes the paper. This pen writes similarly to a pencil, and it is also erasable. Size: ø8×139 mm Printing: P0(4) Papyrus AP805893 Recycled paper ballpoint pen with matching colour cap and blue refill. Size: ø7×145 mm Printing: P0(4) EcoTouch AP805892 Recycled paper ballpoint and touch screen pen with cap. With blue refill. Size: ø9×130 mm Printing: P0(4) Lippo AP805962 Recycled paper ballpoint pen with two ends. Blue and red refill. Size: ø9×140 mm Printing: P0(4) Natura AP731828 Ballpoint pen with case, made of recycled paper. With blue refill. Size: ø9×145 mm Printing: P1(4) -00 -01 -05 -06 -07 -10 -00-10 -00-21 WRITING ECOLOGICAL 75