COOL 2023

Linax AP722217 100% cotton and laminated jute cooler shopping bag with aluminium padding and zipped compartment. Size: 430×330×140 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC), S2(2) Ponix AP721989 Zipped cooler bag in laminated jute and cotton with aluminium padding. With front pocket in cotton ideal for printing. Size: 210×230×160 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC) Parum AP722566-00 Zipped cooler bag in cotton with aluminium padding. Including a PP plastic lunch box with bamboo lid and elastic strap, with cutlery set (knife, fork and spoon). 1000 ml. Size: 220×170×170 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC), E3, P3(1) FOR KEEPING FOOD AND YOUR BRAND FRESH AS WELL Whether your customers go to the park, the beach or take a long journey, cooler bags are the answer. Label them with your logo and your brand might get some world-wide exposure, while you make customers happy with an outstanding gift. 119 Bags and Travel