COOL 2023

Teindor AP722769 600D RPET polyester cooler bag with PEVA padding, with 2 zipped compartment and adjustable shoulder strap. With distinctive RPET label. Size: 300×240×195 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC) Kalkin AP722768-77 600D RPET polyester reusable cooler snack bag with PEVA padding. With distinctive RPET label. Size: 190×185×10 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC), S2(3) Kemper AP722351 RPET cooler backpack with zipped main pocket with PEVA padding, mesh side pockets and padded shoulder straps. With distinctive RPET label. 600D RPET polyester. Size: 210×380×170 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC) -06A -10 -77 121 Bags and Travel