COOL 2023

Nimay AP722815 Double wall, recycled stainless steel vacuum flask, 380 ml. Size: ø60×230 mm Printing: RS2(1), RUV(FC), ER1, E3, P3(1) Breidy AP722816 Double wall, recycled stainless steel vacuum flask with carry lid, 500 ml. Size: ø72×223 mm Printing: RS2(1), RUV(FC), ER1, E3, P3(1) Tweeny AP874018 2in1 double-wall stainless steel, insulated vacuum flask with plastic carry lid and integrated double-wall thermo mug on the bottom of the flask. Total capacity: 800 ml (vacuum flask - 500 ml, thermo mug - 300 ml). Size: ø79×320 mm Printing: RS2(1), RUV(FC), E3, ER1, C2(8) Zolop AP741986 Bottle-shaped, stainless steel vacuum flask, 850 ml. Size: ø80×310 mm Printing: RS2(1), RUV(FC), C2(8), E3, ER1 -01 -01 -06A -06A -10 -10 -77 -77 STAINLESS STEEL STAINLESS STEEL 16