COOL 2023

Amor AP810727-05 Heart shaped, metal bag hanger with magnetic closure. In black gift box. Size: 35×30×5 mm Printing: DO2(FC), P2(2) Factor AP873012 Foldable, metal bag hanger. In black gift box. Size: ø45×8 mm Printing: DO2(FC), P2(2) Paris AP873023 Metal bag hanger with gunmetal finish and shiny plate. With magnetic closure. Delivered in black paper box. Size: ø45×10 mm Printing: DO3(FC), E1, P2(2) -01 -10 Kibix AP741274 PEVA suit bag. Size: 600×1000 mm Printing: S3(1) Pirlo AP731790 Zipped, 600D polyester bag for storing a pair of shoes. Size: 350×160×150 mm Printing: TB(8), DTB(FC) -05 -03 -06A -05 -10 -06 -77 -10 -06 -10 Helanor AP722833 Zipped, RPET bag for storing a pair of shoes. 600D RPET polyester with distinctive RPET label. Size: 185×370×125 mm Printing: TB(8), DTB(FC) 162