COOL 2023

Subovint AP812403 Vintage metal enamel mug with stainless steel rim, for sublimation printing, 350 ml. Delivered in gift box. Price includes printing. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: ø87×80 mm Printing: FP-SUM(FC) Shirley AP722182 Double-wall, stainless steel mug with coloured finish, 350 ml. Size: ø85×80 mm Printing: E3, P3(2), ER1, RS3(1) Gilbert AP807906 Double-wall stainless steel mug with plastic handle, 175 ml. In gift box. Size: 100×78×70 mm Printing: E3, ER1, P3(2), RS3(1) Yozax AP741651 Double-wall, stainless steel mug. 300 ml. In gift box. Size: ø76×89 mm Printing: C1(8), E3, ER1, RS3(1) Bastic AP741563 Stainless steel mug with coloured carabiner, 200 ml. In gift box. Size: ø70×80 mm Printing: C1(8), E3, ER1, RS3(1) -01 -10 -02 -06 -05 -05 -10 -06 -21 -07 -25 -07 -10 -06A -21 40