COOL 2023

Gover AP721388 Vintage ceramic mug with coloured rim, in gift box. 300 ml. Size: ø86×85 mm Printing: SUM(FC) Roset AP722802-01 Ceramic mug for sublimation printing with natural cork base, 420 ml. In kraft paper box. Size: ø90×110 mm Printing: SUM(FC) Dolten AP781257-01 Ceramic sublimation mug in gift box, 200 ml. Size: ø74×84 mm Printing: SUM(FC) Harnet AP791325 Ceramic sublimation mug with coloured inside and matching colour handle, in gift box. 350 ml. Size: ø82×100 mm Printing: SUM(FC) -05 -06 -10 -02 -03 -05 -06 -07 -10 47 Food and Drinkware