COOL 2023

Mocaboo AP812427 Double-wall borosilicate glass espresso cup set with 2 pcs of cups and bamboo saucers, 90 ml. In kraft paper display box. Size: 185×85×80 mm Printing: C2(8), E2, P2(4), VS(FC) Laik AP722799 Double wall borosilicate glass thermo mug with handle and bamboo lid, 370 ml. In kraft paper box. Size: ø84×116 mm Printing: E2, P2(4), C2(8), RS3(1) Tromury AP722800 Natural cork covered borosilicate glass tumbler with bamboo lid and drinking straw, 520 ml. In kraft paper box. Size: ø70×230 mm Printing: TB(8), DTB(FC), RS3(1), RUV(FC), C2(8), P3(1) 520 ML 52