COOL 2023

Kalose AP722822-77 RPET polyester oven mitt, 1 pc. Size: 180×285 mm Printing: TA(8), DTA(FC) Yorrent AP722794 100% cotton canvas apron with 2 front pockets, PU leather accents and adjustable straps. 340 g/m². Size: 680×900 mm Printing: S1(4), TB(8), DTB(FC) Zowi AP722308-00 Fairtrade cotton apron with front pocket and distinctive Fairtrade label. 100% Fairtrade cotton, 180 g/m². Size: 650×900 mm Printing: S1(4), TB(8), DTB(FC) Hanaku AP722821-77 RPET polyester apron with front pockets and adjustable straps. Size: 700×950 mm Printing: S1(4), TB(8), DTB(FC) 74