COOL 2023

Glaber AP722824 Stainless steel bottle opener and corkscrew with natural cork handle. Size: 109×28×14 mm Printing: E2 Weizen AP809561-21 Stainless steel, credit card-shaped bottle opener. Size: 85×54×1,5 mm Printing: E1, RE2(6), P2(4) Kai AP807202 Metal corkscrew with bottle opener and small knife. Size: 115×25×6 mm Printing: E1, P2(1), RE1(6) Faro AP810712 Metal bottle opener in black carton box. Size: 110×36 mm Printing: E1, RE2(6), P2(4) Umbria AP800409 Metal corkscrew with bottle opener. Size: 120×10×20 mm Printing: E1 Mojito AP809560-21 Stainless steel, speed bottle opener. Size: 180×40×2 mm Printing: E2, P2(4), RE2(6) 82