COOL 2023

Roley AP741832 Stainless steel jigger to measure 1 or 1/2 ounce. Size: 72×40×40 mm Printing: E1 Tobassy AP781796 Stainless steel cocktail shaker, 550 ml. In gift box. Size: ø87×215 mm Printing: E2, RE1(6) Laniax AP722201 4 pc reusable stone ice cube set in cotton pouch. Size: 75×110×20 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC) Wendol AP722196 Stainless steel cocktail set with 550 ml shaker, measuring jigger and cocktail strainer. Size: 130×210×90 mm Printing: E3 Lolaf AP722188 4 pc shot glass set with bamboo tray, 30 ml. Size: 330×80×60 mm Printing: E3, C2(8) Micux AP721651 Stainless steel bar spoon. Size: 27×256×12 mm Printing: E1 91 Food and Drinkware