COOL 2023

Gravning AP845183-10 Stainless steel hip flask with black painted surface, 200 ml. Size: 92×122×22 mm Printing: E2, P2(1) Norge AP807908 Mini metal flask on carabiner keyring, 30 ml. Size: 58×42×12 mm Printing: E1, RE2(6), P2(1) Nautilus AP808011 Stainless steel foldable cup in case, 70 ml. Size: ø50×60 mm Printing: E1, P2(1) Shackleton AP845180 Stainless steel hip flask with 2 shot glasses and a funnel, 230 ml. In black gift box. Size: 167×188×42 mm Printing: E2, RE2(6), P3(1), C2(8) Amundsen AP804204 Stainless steel flask, 200 ml. Size: 90×125×20 mm Printing: E2, RE2(6), P2(1) 93 Food and Drinkware