THE MULTITOOL OF PLANTS Despite it being a common misconception, hemp and marijuana are different plants. They belong to the same species but possess very different qualities. Hemp has a lower concentration of THC which is mitigated by other chemicals as well, making its controversial reputation completely unjustified. Hemp fibre is an excellent material for a huge variety of products. Leiza AP722203 Hemp fabric apron with front pocket. 100% hemp, 200 g/m². Size: 650×900 mm Printing: T1(8), DTT(FC), S1(4) Rupert AP722132 Zipped cosmetic bag in hemp fabric. 100% hemp, 200 g/m². Size: 205×140×85 mm Printing: T1(8), DTB(FC) Misix AP722211 Hemp fabric shopping bag with long handles. 100% hemp, 200 g/m². Size: 370×410 mm Printing: S1(4), T1(8), DTB(FC) -00 -07 -00 -07 -00 -07 HEMP 133