WHEAT STRAW & BAMBOO FIBRE PLASTIC Fibre-reinforced plastics are composite materials that are made by combining plastics (like PP or ABS) with natural fibres (like bamboo fibre or wheat straw). This combination provides a more flexible and durable material and products that can serve you for a longer time. Adding natural fibres also means that less thermoplastic is used in the production process. Giving that these products also weigh less than traditional plastic items, their transportation requires less fuel which makes them even more sustainable. BAMBOO FIBRE PLASTIC Bamboo fibre has good moisture absorption and ventilation, and it can be used to produce strong and resistant products. WHEAT STRAW PLASTIC Wheat straw is an agricultural by-product, it is the stalk that is left behind after wheat grains are harvested. Wheat straw has very strong and heat-resistant fibres, eliminating the need to use additional toxins and oils to strengthen the products created from it.