Escaro AP800451 2 pc bamboo salad serving spoon set. Size: 300×60 mm Printing: E2, P1(1) Corpax AP721951 5 pc bamboo cutlery set in cotton pouch. Including fork, knife, spoon, drinking straw and cleaning brush. Size: 65×220×25 mm Printing: T2(8), DTC(FC), E2, P2(2) CUTLERY FOR TAKEAWAY Single-use plastic cutlery takes hundreds of years to decompose, but most of the times it breaks even before you finish your meal. You can easily reduce the plastic pollution in nature by using your own long-lasting fork, knife and spoon. It doesn’t take up much space in a bag, but using it is an important step that you can take to live a more zero waste lifestyle. BAMBOO 73