Makron AP741149 Recycled paper spiral notebook with 70 lined sheets, ballpoint pen (with blue refill) and sticky notes (125 small and 25 big). Size: 210×200×10 mm Printing: P2(4), S1(2) Phesux AP722721 Recycled paper covered spiral notepad with 30 lined sheets, 25 sticky notes and 125 page markers (in 5 different colours). With mobile phone holder function. Including recycled paper ballpoint pen with blue refill. Size: 105×160×15 mm Printing: P1(4) Leryl AP721494 Recycled cardboard covered notepad with 200 sheets and 125 page markers in 5 colours. Size: 81×26×83 mm Printing: P1(4) Seeky AP844033 Recycled paper spiral notebook with 60 lined sheets and page markers (5 × 25 pcs). Size: 135×177×8 mm Printing: P2(4), S1(2) Ronux AP721132 Cravis AP741872 Lazza AP781778 Laska AP741844 47