Mussox AP722388 Plantable wildflower seed ball in recycled paper holder. Size: 44×91×30 mm Printing: P2(2), VS(FC) Tomarux AP722148 Herb growing kit with 4 plantable seed balls in recycled paper box. Including tomato, basil, rocket and chamomile seed balls. Size: 84×84×32 mm Printing: P1(4), OP(FC) Biyok AP722147 Plantable seed capsule with wild flower seeds, in recycled paper card. Size: 55×66×14 mm Printing: P1(4) Grow something nice along with your brand! Show that your company is actively engaged in giving something back to nature. Seed balls, seed capsules and herb growing kits made of recycled paper are among the perfect gifts for nature-lovers. Sober AP721479-00 Flower planting kit in laminated recycled paper bag. Including 5-8 petunia seeds in assorted colours. Size: 110×130 mm Printing: VS(FC) MADE IN EU MADE IN EU MADE IN EU 52