Promote conscious decisions regarding body and mind with sustainable sport and yoga accessories. They are perfect for building strength and improving flexibility while providing the chance to work out in an eco-friendly way. Natara AP722166 Natural cork yoga block with kraft paper sleeve. From balancing postures, to stretching or supported back bends, a block can support you throughout your yoga practice. Size: 225×150×75 mm Printing: E2, P2(4) Padma AP722152 Natural cork yoga mat with kraft paper sleeve and carry strap. Size: 600×1800 mm Printing: TD(8), DTD(FC), E3 Tuduk AP722153 2 pc natural cork massage ball set in cotton pouch. They allow to self-massage and release tension in tight muscles and hard to reach places. Size: ø60 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC) 66