Provide ongoing exposure for your company with natural and portable eating accessories. Bamboo lunch boxes and cutlery sets can be used for a long time in many different environments, constantly generating brand awareness. Corpax AP721951 5 pc bamboo cutlery set in cotton pouch. Including fork, knife, spoon, drinking straw and cleaning brush. Size: 65×220×25 mm Printing: TC(8), DTC(FC), E2, P2(2) Plusin AP721531 3 pc bamboo cutlery set in cotton pouch. Size: 65×220×10 mm Printing: TB(8), DTB(FC), E2, P2(2) BooSip AP809573 Set of 2 reusable natural bamboo drinking straws and cleaning brush in cotton pouch. The diameter and surface of the straws may vary. Size: 50×250 mm Printing: TB(8), DTB(FC), E1 75