YES 2022

PLEASANT WORKPLACE Lappmark Creative AP718681 Custom made paper gift card including a stainless steel clip bookmark with Christmas design and silver ribbon. Price includes digital printing on both sides of the card. MOQ: 100 pcs. Size: 55×47 mm Printing: FP-DG(FC), E1, RE1(6C) Vaides AP741109-05 Cardboard covered notebook with 85 sheets and sink cut Christmas tree on the cover. Size: 90×140×8 mm Printing: P1(4C) Xommark AP716495 Bamboo plywood bookmark with die-cut Christmas motive and PU leather cord. Size: 40×130×2 mm Printing: E1, P1(4C) -A -B -A -B -C -D 17 STATIONERY AND BOOKMARKS