YES 2022

Baley AP722526 Anti spy webcam blocker in recycled paper and plastic, with sliding cover and adhesive back. Size: 320×13×1 mm Printing: P1(2) Lemins AP722337 Desk mobile phone and tablet holder in bamboo. Size: 170×12×76 mm Printing: E1, P1(2) Feildin AP722528 Keyring USB charger cable in recycled paper and wheat straw plastic with micro USB, USB-C and Lightning connectors. With USB and USB-C inputs. Size: ø18×135 mm Printing: P1(4) Gonzo AP722514 Magnetic car mobile holder in bamboo housing with built-in wireless fast charger (15W) and adjustable air vent mounting. Including self-adhesive metal ring to use the magnetic function on any wirelessly chargeable device. Including USB charger cable. Size: 61×100×72 mm Printing: E3, P3(4) 43 TECHNOLOGY