YES 2022

Maddy AP722512-01 USB power bank in ABS plastic housing with built-in solar charger, magnetic wireless fast charger (15W) and 8000 mAh battery. With 2 USB and 1 USB-C charger ports. USB-C input port. Including self-adhesive metal ring to use the magnetic function on any wirelessly chargeable device. Including USB charger cable. Size: 75×145×14 mm Printing: P3(4) Multicharge AP810469-01 Multifunctional desk pen holder in plastic with phone holder, built-in wireless fast charger (10W) and 2 USB charger ports (max output 2000 mA). Including USB charger cable. Size: 88×98×89 mm Printing: P3(4) Alanny AP722414 Wireless fast charger (15W) in plastic housing. Including USB charger cable. Size: ø100×10 mm Printing: P3(4), UVD(FC) 45 TECHNOLOGY