YES 2022

Kerala AP800476 2 pc bamboo salt and pepper shaker set. The set conveniently seals at the center thanks to magnets positioned on the side of the shakers. Size: 100×50×70 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) Zowi AP722308-00 Fairtrade cotton apron with front pocket and distinctive Fairtrade label. 100% Fairtrade cotton, 180 g/m². Size: 650×900 mm Printing: T1(8), DTT(FC), S1(4) Kuirtel AP722534 Striped, organic cotton apron with front pocket. With distinctive organic cotton label. 100% organic cotton, 220 g/m². Size: 680×900 mm Printing: T1(8), DTT(FC), S1(4) Kibly AP722501 Recycled paper magnetic notepad with 40 blank sheets and mini wooden pencil. Size: 99×140 mm Printing: P1(4), VS(FC) TASTY SURPRISES 51 KITCHEN ACCESSORIES