YES 2022

Tappo AP874019 Plastic and bamboo tape measure with lock function, metal clip and hand strap, 5 m. Size: 65×65×37 mm Printing: E2, P2(2) Eddy AP808039 Bicycle repair kit in transparent PP plastic case. Includes a hexagon wrench and a puncture repair kit (2 tyre levers, grater, glue, 2 valve caps, 2 valve tubes and 5 tyre patches). Size: 110×85×28 mm Printing: P1(4), UVB(FC) Bowel AP722423 2 pc bicycle light set in PP plastic case. Includes 1 white and 1 red LED light with elastic straps and 2 light modes. With 2 button cell batteries. Size: 94×21×45 mm Printing: P1(4), UVB(FC) -10 -01 61 TOOLS