YES 2022

Minail AP800484 Manicure set in cotton drawstring pouch. Includes a nail file and nail clippers. Size: 75×120 mm Printing: S1(2), T1(8), DTB(FC) Glaffy AP800479 Digital bathroom scale with backlit display and tempered glass weighing platform. Capacity: 180 kg, graduation 0,1 kg, measurement units: kg/lb. With 2 AAA batteries. Size: 280×280×23 mm Printing: S2(2), UVD(FC) Yernia AP722231 6 pc stainless steel manicure set in canvas case. Includes scissors, nail clipper, nail file, tweezers and 2 cuticle removers. Size: 60×110×20 mm Printing: T2(8), DTB(FC) Arashi AP800467 Bamboo jewellery box with inside velvet padding and mirror in the lid. Size: 150×100×50 mm Printing: E3, P3(4) 71 BEAUTY PRODUCTS