YES 2022

COMFORT OF HOME Keylax AP722056 Vanilla scented tea light candle in glass jar and wooden candle holder with die-cut Christmas decoration. Size: 75×80×75 mm Printing: E2, P2(4C), OP(FC) Deram AP721382 Christmas style wooden candle holder with tea light candle. Size: 87×95×15 mm Printing: E1, P1(2C) Tylldalen AP718633 Stainless steel Christmas candle holder for tea light candle. Delivered flat-packed, without candle. Size: 100×50×55 mm Printing: E2, RE2(6C) Zamir AP781579 Glass candle with Christmas design. In transparent plastic box. Size: ø56×68 mm Printing: VS(FC) -21 -A -98 -B -F -F 95×95×15 mm -B -B 87×95×15 mm 9 BLANKETS AND CANDLES